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March 06 2017

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top 10 otps (as voted by my followers) → #07. Allison Cameron & Gregory House

February 27 2017

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January 23 2017

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@haleyscott asked: allison cameron or remy hadley

December 21 2016

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December 02 2016

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my heart is yours

it’s you that i hold onto

yeah, that’s what i do

November 24 2016

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October 17 2016

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October 15 2016

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October 12 2016

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Female Awesome Meme - [1/10] supporting female characters: Allison Cameron; “People dismiss me. Because I’m a woman, because I’m pretty, because I’m not aggressive. My opinions shouldn’t be rejected just because people don’t like me.”

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September 25 2016

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[I worked very hard to get where I am.] But you didn’t have to.

September 18 2016

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Treating illness is why we became doctors. Treating patients is actually what makes most doctors miserable.

September 17 2016

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September 05 2016

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There’s some bowing. There, an upward arch.

August 13 2016

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Make me choose by Anon. | House M.D. Season4 - House M.D Season5

                         “ You test drive a car before you buy it. You have sex before you get married. I can’t hire a team based on 10 minutes interview. What if I don’t like having sex with them? ”

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